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'As a collective, breeders, owners and exhibitors, Jordan and I have very high expectations of our dogs. We strive for sound temperament and correct structure in all our breeding, whether it be for conformation shows, obedience, agility, work or the much loved family pet and companion dog.'

Zaliamstaff warmly invites you into the history of our kennels and why this outstanding breed has become such a huge part of our life!

The American Staffordshire Terrier has always been a breed I loved ever since owning our first male back in the early 1990's.  Gibson, was the progeny of the very first Amstaffs imported into New Zealand. Growing up with dogs all my life and now also all of Jordan's, it was inevitable that our love for the breed would become our passion and devotion to the betterment of it in our country. This would lead onto Jordan campaigning them professionally in the New Zealand show circuit, becoming one of the Top Junior Handlers in NZ  and our Kennel becoming NZ's Top Amstaff Kennel...being home to the makers of Breed History in New Zealand. To date our Show Team has been awarded the 2013 Supreme Show Dog Of The Year Supreme Plate Winner, 2012 CCTC Show Dog Of The Year and Open Show Dog Of The Year, 2x Junior Show Dog Of The Year as well as the 2012 Supreme Terrier Puppy Of The Year. They have achieved 50+ Age In Shows, 30x Best of Group, 31x Res Best of Group and 170+ Age Of Group wins, 2x Best In Specialty Show (Amstaff), 2x Res Best In Specialty Show (Amstaff) and 2x Reserve Best In Specialty Show (Terrier Group), as well as owning the ONLY Amstaff in New Zealand to ever be awarded a Best In Show (All Breeds)! To date we have Champion Titled 17 of our dogs, 14 of which we have produced.


The first time I ever entered a Show ring as a owner/handler was with our girl Mila (CH Hotamstaff Saphire Gizmo). It was at a Specialty show whilst living in Australia, back then she was a baby puppy. At that time it was with the idea of "why not, lets give it a go". We left with Mila and her new Ribbon embossed with "Baby Puppy In Show". A few years later we moved back to New Zealand transferring Mila's registration to the New Zealand Kennel Club and Jordan took over as her handler, making the two inseparable attending Shows and YKC camps together! Since our first step into the conformation world, our success has continued not only in the ring but also in the whelping box. Our loyalty has always stood with the 'true to type' Amstaff with an emphasis on the fact that 'type matters',  since we struggled to find it through breeder's in our own country, we made an informed decision to establish our own kennel registering with the New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC), naming it ZALIAMSTAFF. 'Zali' meaning 'Special'. Since the establishment of our Kennel we have proven to produce good representations of the Breed Standard, producing and Titled multiple  NZ Champions  and also gaining recognition in Canine Therapy. I am also licensed to Judge the American Staffordshire Terrier at Champion Specialty level, and am the current President of the Southern Ladies Kennel Assn  with Jordan being a committee member.


Our Kennel is very proactive, we take pride in our Amstaffs whom with out a doubt show us total devotion and their wonderful camaraderie. They are however, all very individual, possessing enthusiastic, outgoing and entertaining personalities. Our Amstaffs are confident, yet very gentle, consistent and honest. They are social, agile dogs that are raised in a semi rural lifestyle nurtured amongst children, dogs and horses.

Our Amstaffs are an integral part of our family, as puppies they are introduced to their first training at puppy school, going on to obedience classes from the age of 4mths. They enjoy spending a day at work or a social outing at the local Cafe`. For us their health both mentally and physically is of the upmost importance, environment and diet is all part of making sure they are well grounded and in tip-top condition for what we ask of them. A huge part of keeping them healthy is their diet. We feed only free-range raw meat that is produced here, locally caught fish and are kindly sponsored by K9 Natural - frozen and freeze-dried raw food. Our dogs thrive on it, we highly recommend K9 Natural to all our new puppy owners and extended Show Team to continue keeping the dogs healthy and in prime condition.


At Zaliamstaff we are dedicated to the extensive research into our future breedings to ensure the preservation of structure, type, temperament, soundness of mind, health and balance in the American Staffordshire Terrier. Through this research we have made great friends worldwide, have learnt a lot and are always willing to be continually educated. We only breed when we are wanting to improve our lines and are ready for our next keeper show puppy. All our dogs must pass their health tests with good results before being bred from.


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Our home to the Amstaff with stunning views, rolling hills and roaring ocean at our back door

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We would like to acknowledge with a big THANKYOU to our Sponsors K9 Natural, Ellis Fibre and Interislander for sponsoring our Show team and most of all, a very special THANKS to my brother Matthew, and to my parents Warren and Anita Jordan for devoting their time in assisting us with raising our puppies to their fullest potential and for believing in our passion and dedication to the American Staffordshire Terrier.







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